程式1012.mpp 1012.exe

#include <stdio.h>
#define BYTE unsigned char
int main() {
BYTE h, t;
for (h=0xA1; h<=0xF9; h++) {
for (t=0x00; t<0xFF; t++) {
printf("%c%c %2x%2x", h, t, h, t);
if (t % 8 == 0) printf("\n");

龤 f9a1灨 f9a2灥 f9a3糷 f9a4虪 f9a5蠾 f9a6蠽 f9a7蠿 f9a8
讞 f9a9貜 f9aa躩 f9ab軉 f9ac靋 f9ad顳 f9ae顴 f9af飌 f9b0
饡 f9b1馫 f9b2驤 f9b3驦 f9b4驧 f9b5鬤 f9b6鸕 f9b7鸗 f9b8
齈 f9b9戇 f9ba欞 f9bb爧 f9bc虌 f9bd躨 f9be钂 f9bf钀 f9c0
钁 f9c1驩 f9c2驨 f9c3鬮 f9c4鸙 f9c5爩 f9c6虋 f9c7讟 f9c8
钃 f9c9鱹 f9ca麷 f9cb癵 f9cc驫 f9cd鱺 f9ce鸝 f9cf灩 f9d0
灪 f9d1麤 f9d2齾 f9d3齉 f9d4龘 f9d5碁 f9d6銹 f9d7裏 f9d8


龤 的編碼是 f9a1
讞 的編碼是 f9a9

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